ESM is the nation’s leader in NIL Collective Negotiations

Expertise in Setting Market-Leading Values

ESM is best in class at setting market-leading values for collective deals. Our in-depth market analysis and experience ensures that our athletes receive premium compensation while performing minimal services and deliverables and their brand is protected from the onset of their career.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Value

ESM will position you to earn more money in your collective deal. Plain and simple. Our experience and knowledge of the market place and comps will result in our athletes receiving significantly more monetary value in their collective agreements.

Efficient and Streamlined Deliverables

We understand the importance of efficiency. Our negotiation strategy revolves around minimizing deliverables while maximizing impact. This ensures that your commitments are manageable, allowing you to focus on what matters most—school and the playing field!

Transparent and Ethical Negotiations

Transparency and ethics are fundamental to our negotiation process. We prioritize our athletes’ best interests and strategically negotiate to align with your brand while keeping our athletes informed throughout the entire process.

Proactive NCAA Compliance Management

Staying compliant with NCAA regulations is paramount. Our experience and knowledge ensures that the collective deals adhere to the latest guidelines, eliminates risk and providing our athletes with peace of mind.

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